As the new year approaches, I hope you can use this third principle of Kwanzaa as a catalyst to start working toward the types of changes that you’d like to see in your community!

Since we live in a nation that is heavily influenced by European culture, it shouldn’t be surprising or troubling that European culture is predominant and beloved. What should trouble us, though, is how easily we have fallen prey to lies about who we are and what we can accomplish. Find out how this 2nd principle of Kwanzaa can help you to understand our heritage and reach your fullest potential.

Habari Gani (What’s the news)? The principle of the day is Umoja – or unity! Find ways to celebrate unity in your life this Kwanzaa and everyday.

There are a lot of misconceptions about what Kwanzaa is and why it is celebrated. For me, Kwanzaa represents an intentional move toward learning about, owning, and celebrating my heritage. I hope you’ll tag along as I share the Nguzo Saba and what they mean for my family and me!

I don’t brag often, but this artistically challenged preschool teacher feels pretty good about our classroom door and all the compliments it has gotten!

Despite the various adjustments I am going through in my personal and professional life, I hope I have been able to provide engaging activities that help my students as they develop!

Our son is wild, and I love it. He is super strong and always pulling, banging, or (purposely) dropping things. He is a very determined boy, going after what he wants and it can be hard to distract him once he has his mind set on something. We have noticed that he has quite a […]