Habari Gani? Kuumba!

My mom always used to tell me to leave things nicer than when I’d found (or borrowed) them. She always modeled this by offering to help clean when we were at others’ homes for dinner or meetings, or by sprucing up a borrowed item so that she returned it in better condition than when she’d borrowed it. I try to follow in her footsteps, but I’m sure I am not half as good at it as she is. 

The idea of Kuumba isn’t just creativity for creativity’s sake, but creativity in aesthecially bettering our communities. Wherever an environment is visually appealing, it always seems that morale is higher as well. We need to feel good about our surroundings because it goes a long way in helping to fight off negativity and depression. 

What if all our neighborhoods, no matter the income levels, were beautiful? What if all our neighborhoods were clean? What if we used our creativity to make this happen, regardless of how much money we do or do not have? I think it would make a huge difference in lifting the mood of a community’s residents. And when you feel better in life, you do better in life. 

It’s really pretty simple. 

So what kinds of things can you do this Kwanzaa to help express the principle of Kuumba?

Redecorate your home or get some early spring cleaning done! 

Help pick up trash in the neighborhood!

Find out if you can volunteer to beautify any public spaces in your community. 

We’re almost through! Tomorrow is the last day of Kwanzaa, and the New Year! We’ll be wrapping up this Kwanzaa series and hopefully employing the seven principles of Kwanzaa throughout 2017! 



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