Chocobo’s Seventh Month!



I’m so bad at keeping up with updating each time that Gideon grows a month older. So you’ll have to forgive the spam of “updates,” as I have this 7 month update and an 8 month update to post! At 7 months, Gideon got to visit the beach for the very first time! He had a great time sitting in the sand, but he didn’t like the waves so much. We’ll be taking him to the beach again next week (he’ll be almost 9 months) and the water will be warmer – so perhaps he’ll have a better time with the waves there! Regardless, he loves the water. He’s been to the pool a bunch of times and he always enjoys splashing and playing in there.

I returned to work in Gideon’s seventh month as well, which means he went to school! This was extremely hard on him, in the beginning. He cried every single time I put him down and it was hard to walk out on my crying baby. Over the course of a few weeks, he started to get used to his teachers and the environment, and he’s doing much better.

His language and gross motor skills have grown as well. He was already babbling and pulling up on things, but he began to really master the ability to get around a room by holding onto furniture and walking – instead of only crawling. He began really responding to his name and responding to other things that we do or say by imitating us. I started feeding him more foods – bananas, carrots, applesauce, pears, sweet potatoes, and squash – with the help of his teachers who feed him those items during the school day. He still nurses 4-6 times a day, but it’s fun to let him eat dinner with us when we get home in the evening.

He’s a very inquisitive baby, always wanting to know what’s going on and always watching intently. He is also a very active baby, put him on the floor and turn away for a few seconds and you’ll think you’ve lost him. He crawls quickly and gets into things pretty fast, as well. We’ve had to start using the word “No!” when he is getting into something that he shouldn’t. And I am convinced that he understands when we say no – although he doesn’t always choose to listen!

I’m so in love with this stage of his life, it’s hard to see it going by so quickly!






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