Chocobo’s Ninth Month!


Our son is wild, and I love it.

He is super strong and always pulling, banging, or (purposely) dropping things. He is a very determined boy, going after what he wants and it can be hard to distract him once he has his mind set on something. We have noticed that he has quite a strong will, and we are going to have to come up with ways to channel his energy into constructive things as he gets older.

He’s been experimenting with a lot of different foods, lately. As a teacher, I once had to save a one year old who was choking on his breakfast. The experience showed me just how easy it is for a child to begin choking, and I have been nervous about letting Chocobo try new foods. At the same time, he is definitely ready for more than breastmilk and purees.

I’ve let him have little bits of carrots, polenta, chicken, waffles, and various fruits. I was really surprised to learn, recently, that he loves cantaloupe! I hate cantaloupe. I’ve also bought him some cereal puffs, to which he is addicted! Over the last few days, I have been trying to teach him to drink from a sippy cup. He’s not totally there, yet – but he’s working on it. I don’t think it will be long.

Another exciting thing we are working on is baby sign! I am starting with the sign for “more,” and will move on to others as he grows. Right now he thinks that I am clapping my hands when I say “more,
(the sign requires you to bring your two hands together), so when he wants to ask for more he starts clapping. It’s pretty cute.

Chocobo and his daddy have been bonding a lot, lately. They have special games that they play together and even though our baby is only nine months, that doesn’t stop my husband from rough housing with him. We definitely have a rough and tumble little boy. We love to hear him squeal with laughter when my husband “attacks” him.

I can’t believe that my son has now spent more time outside of the womb than in it! And I also can’t believe that in three months, we will have a toddler. I am loving our son’s personality and all of the craziness and fun he brings into our lives, but I also miss the days when he was a tiny baby!

Sometimes I listen to the music we used to play for him when he was first born, while staring at his newborn clothes that don’t fit him anymore.

I guess it’s time to start planning some kind of party for his upcoming first birthday!


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