Chocobo’s Eighth Month!


Chocobo’s eighth month has been pretty exciting. He started walking (using a walker) and he said his first word, which was “baby!” but he hasn’t said it since. He also got his first tooth! He started waving, blowing kisses, and clapping his hands, as well. The boy is literally all over the place and I’m wondering how we are going to keep up with him when he is up and walking around on his own! He terrorizes the cat – chasing him and grabbing his tail or his ears – and we’re always careful to keep them away from each other out of fear that kitty might get fed up and scratch him one day.

Chocobo consistently says “mama” and “dada” but we aren’t sure if he knows what it means, yet. He also enjoys saying “baba,” “nana,” “yaya,” and just generally yelling out into the atmosphere whenever he gets a chance. He started playing with little balls in his eighth month, picking them up and holding them over his head, sometimes throwing them, and chasing after them as they roll. He’s also started playing with little cars and he loves to play with anything that isn’t actually a toy – water bottles, shoeboxes, earphones, cell phones, and his wipes and diapers.

Speaking of diapers – I don’t know if it’s the more advanced foods he’s been eating or what, but he’s had more blowout diapers this month than I have ever seen him have. In fact, he had one just before I sat down to write this. I ended up just putting him in the bath.

He loves baths, reading, being tickled, and he taught his entire class how to growl.

The kid is a mess. We love him.


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