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Chocobo’s Sixth Month!


This month was full of firsts! Chocobo began sitting up on his own, crawling, pulling up on things (and shakily standing while holding onto our ottoman, but standing none the less). He started eating – actually eating, not just sucking on – bananas and strawberries. He sat in a high chair for the first time, and can now sit in high chairs at restaurants. He swung in the baby swing at the playground, and got to dip his feet in our neighborhood pool. And he had his first … (drumroll) … temper tantrum!

Needless to say, it’s been an exciting month!

Chocobo’s personality, at this point, is what I would call reservedly active. When first meeting others, he is not a super friendly baby. You might get the occasional smile but for the most part he will cry and want to be held by someone with whom he is familiar. After a while, though, he will warm up if the person has enough perseverance to continue hanging out with him through his crying. Once he warms up, he shows his true colors. He starts babbling – lots of “dadadadada,” “bayayayayaya,” and “guguguguh.” He squeals and shrieks when he is excited – but also when he is upset. He sometimes opens his mouth and just holds a long tone of “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” with an exaggerated “DA!” and a smile at the end. His babbling leads to jumping (if you’re holding him). He loves to jump up and down and that will usually elicit a huge smile and maybe a few happy shrieks here and there. After jumping, he begins squirming in your arms – he wants you to put him down so that he can get to whatever it is on the floor that interests him. This is usually a cell phone, remote control, or set of keys. I’ve also caught him crawling toward our cat’s tail.

Speaking of the cat – our cat is doing much better with his jealousy and has not been mean to Chocobo lately. Chocobo has grown a serious interest in the cat, whenever he is around, Chocobo watches him intently and tries to follow him around the house. I don’t let them get too close to one another because sometimes our cat’s moods can be unpredictable. He might feel friendly and loving, and then suddenly decide he doesn’t want to be touched anymore. It’s easy for an adult to read the signs that our cat is getting tired of the attention, but Chocobo can’t do that and I obviously don’t want him getting scratched. However, I am still holding on to hope that Choco and our cat will have a warm, loving relationship in the future.

We still can’t believe that this amazing child belongs to us! We are enjoying every second.


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