Ashvalia – An Intro



We have been busy getting packed/unpacked/settled into our new city, and as part of the process I am going through all of my things to see if there is anything I can trash or donate. I began going through all of my books and realized that I am a book hoarder. I really don’t like doing away with reading material. But what’s more is that I found all of my journals from over the years. Because we are downsizing. I’m not sure that I have enough space for all of my books and journals and so I have decided to go through all of my notebooks, binders, journals, and notepads to see which of them I really want to keep and which of them I can get rid of.

Most of my journals are filled with my language studies (Korean, Hawaiian, Spanish, Japanese, and Chinese have been my most often studied languages over the years), but I have also filled my journals with my con-lang, Nevaic, and stories set in my con-world, Ashvalia.

I’m not sure why I never write about these things on my blog. Constructing languages and worlds is one of my absolute favorite ways to spend a day. Ever since having our baby, my time for hobbies has been limited, but I don’t believe that a woman has to completely give up what she loves in order to have and raise a child. As I read through all of my old journals, my imagination was rekindled, and I would like to bring Ashvalia to life on This Blind Mouse.

I have always been a person with many thoughts, interests, hobbies, and ambitions – and I want to write about them all! I’ve started the process of creating tabs on my home page, in order to categorize the topics that I will be writing about. I’ve created a tab called Ashvalia, and I am going to make an effort to post more often about my interest in language and world creation.

Consider this my introduction to Ashvalia.

And, if you’re interested in constructing languages and worlds, I’d love to get in touch with you. It’s a hobby that not many have.


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