Chocobo’s Fourth Month!


Each month, our son’s personality shines through more and more! He has distinct likes and dislikes these days and is laughing and smiling more often!

During tummy time, he’s been able to turn himself around nearly 180 degrees. He will roll over if he is on a soft surface – like a bed or couch (don’t worry, we watch him closely!)- but he will not usually roll over if he is on a flat surface – like a floor mat or inside of his playpen. We have noticed him trying to sit upright from laying flat on his back, and he can bring himself up about 145 degrees before laying back down again!

He has favorite toys – namely a talking book, a horse that makes a lot of noise, and a giraffe that jingles. He also has favorite songs that bring a smile to his face whenever we sing them! He enjoys being outside and takes some of the best naps on our daily walks!

He hates being left alone. If I have to put him down to do dishes or laundry, I have about 15 minutes before he starts crying. Sometimes I have to let him cry for a few minutes, but I generally do my work in 15 and 20 minute bursts and then play with him until he naps.

Speaking of naps, he takes about four naps each day. At night he is clingy and won’t sleep alone, but during the day I can generally put him down and he will sleep without me. Still, his naps are always longer when I am there. Whenever I can, I try to nap with him.

He’s a lot of fun and we are so grateful that God has allowed us to be his mama and daddy! We are having a lot of fun getting to know him!


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