Chocobo’s Third Month


At three months, baby started daycare as I went back to work. Unfortunately things were so hectic that I don’t know if I really stopped to notice the finer details of his growth in the third month.

Shortly before he turned three months, we had his baby dedication in my home state, at the church where I grew up. He had recently begun sleeping through the night, waking only two or three times to eat. He started getting better at grabbing toys and pulling them to his chest during tummy time, and while on his back he began pulling toys to his mouth. He started smiling more often, and more enthusiastically, when we played with him and – although he was babbling a little in month two – he really babbled in month three.

Our biggest concern during his third month was that he might be allergic to our cat. We still haven’t completely sorted this out yet, but his four month checkup is in a few days and we plan to discuss it then.

On another note, being a working mom is crazy exhausting. Kudos to all of you who can make that work. I thought a lot about single mothers – who have to work when they have children. I am married and it was still hard. I can’t imagine having to do everything by myself with little to no help.

Thankfully, I was able to (and did) opt out of working – for now. After we move we can reevaluate our needs. However I am hoping to be able to drum up some business caring for kids from my home.
I realize that many of my posts have been about baby and motherhood. Although I am loving being a mama, I don’t know that I want this to become a “mommy blog.” Still, I am too tired to put the energy into posting about things that require a lot of thought, for now.

Please, bear with me in the coming month! I am hoping that once we are settled into a routine in our new home – I can begin blogging more regularly about my other interests!


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