Chocobo’s Second Month!


At two months old, Chocobo is much more interactive and we are starting to see his personality a bit more! Every morning after waking up, he and I spend about 15 minutes singing and chatting and it is so much fun to hear him babbling on. His facial expressions and various inflections are really interesting to watch.

From what I can tell so far, Chocobo is a bit of a serious baby. He often looks inquisitive or deep in thought. He smiles when amused but he’ll then turn serious again, as though he is trying to figure out the mechanics of what amused him. He really enjoys movement. He likes for us to hold his fingers as he stands up on his legs. For an infant, his legs are pretty strong! He’ll stand for a few seconds, drop back down on his bottom, and then try to stand up again – sometimes he will stand and plop in rapid succession, creating a sort of jumping effect. He’s been raising his head and holding it up steadily during tummy time, and kicks so much that it scoots him a few inches. He seems to always want to move around and I often wonder whether he’ll be an early crawler or walker. He likes grabbing anything soft (blankets or fabric toys/books) and pulling it to his chest. He also likes grabbing skin!

Chocobo enjoys reading books with me or daddy. His favorite books are currently “Llama, Llama, Red Pajama,” and “The Loud Book.” These books keep his attention the longest when they are read to him.

Chocobo is doing a thousand times better with nursing. We are exclusively breastfeeding and I haven’t needed to supplement with formula since the end of his first month.

Sadly, this is the last month in which I will be home with him all day. I am working on some things that may help me to be able to stay home and still generate an income, but until I get to that point I will likely be working full time!

At least I will be able to take him with me to work!


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