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The Joke’s On Me!

Almost immediately after my last post, where I mentioned my suspicion that I was not being hired due to how far along I am in this pregnancy, I was contacted by one of the preschools I applied for and hired a few days later. I have been extremely busy during the past couple of weeks with work and in my short time there, I have learned a lot about knowing my body’s limitations! Prior to carrying this wonderful miracle-boy that grows inside of me, I don’t think I had any physical limitations when it came to doing my job. I was the teacher that led the kids’ exercise, music, and dance times. I was the teacher who could walk briskly up a flight of stairs during a fire drill, with two screaming children in my arms and another two attached to my legs. I was the teacher who could lead a line of singing two year olds while carrying each child’s lunch bag, jacket, and dining utensils as we walked outside for a picnic lunch. I could have the floors swept, tables cleaned, all the diapers changed, and all the cots down for nap time in less than 20 minutes after lunch or an activity ended. But these days, I can barely get our classroom trash bag down the hall and into the appropriate trash receptacle without having a mini asthma attack.

The struggle is real.

To be fair, I originally interviewed to work in the infant room. Infant rooms are a lot of work but still a lot less labor intensive. When I actually got the job, it turned out that she needed a 2s teacher immediately, and since I have spent a few years teaching 2s in the past I thought to myself – “How much harder could it be?” [insert sarcastic snort here]. I’ve sought counselor Google for advice about how to work safely in a preschool/daycare environment when 30+ weeks pregnant, but I either haven’t looked hard enough or I am the only crazy person attempting it. Likely the latter.

As much as I love my new children and as much as I missed working with kids, I have to admit that I grossly underestimated how much this would take out of me. I have always been and have seen myself as physically capable – unafraid to move furniture, lift boxes, or help with heavy-duty work when needed. I haven’t really needed to lift a finger for the entirety of my pregnancy – so this experience has been truly eye-opening. Although I recently had a doctor appointment and our boy is doing perfectly, I definitely won’t be staying there as long as I had originally planned. My physical limitations will increase as I get closer to my due date, and what’s more important to me than working is that Mr. Baby makes it safely into this world.

I guess sometimes, we learn the hard way!


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