Settling in!

We are finally out of the hotels and into an apartment that we found here in our new state! I can’t stress enough how much I despised living in a hotel for two weeks! I remember a time when someone told me that she’d been living in a hotel for a month and expressed to me how much she hated it, and at that time, I kept thinking “How can anyone hate living in a hotel? That sounds awesome!” But, I get it now. It’s terrible. And I only had to endure two weeks!!

My husband’s first day off work was on my birthday, so we spent the day looking for apartmemts in the area surrounding his job. At one point in our search, I felt like I was on my favorite show “House Hunters,”because we were stuck trying to decide between three decent options. We made a pros and cons list to help us with our decision and ended up in this cute apartment with three bedrooms and a lot of square footage – and for a cheaper amount than we would have found anything like this back in our old stomping grounds.

On Easter weekend, we went back home to spend time with family and pack up our old apartment. Since being married, we’ve moved four times – but this was the first time that we hired movers! The guys were nice and efficient but I think they were a bit frustrated with our disorganized way of doing things. Once we got to our new place, our cat was scared out of his wits. For two days he wouldn’t come out of the back room. I got a little worried about the fact that I couldn’t get him to eat or play, but I tried to give him some space and hope he would come out of his shell. Soon enough, he did.


Hubby had off again the past two days and we spent most of the time unpacking and buying things for our new place. I can’t wait to get everything set up and decorated! I have always enjoyed interior design, but have never had the time (or money, usually) to put into it! Hopefully I can try to do more decorating in this place than I have in my previous apartments.

Amidst all this excitement, though, I must say that the highlight of my week was finding that my favorite grocery store – Trader Joe’s – is only a little less than 20 minutes away! I was so pumped to be able to shop in a Trader Joe’s again and stock up on all our groceries for the week!

The weather here has been really nice as well. My only regret about moving when we did is that I missed my personal spring tradition of going to the Cherry Blossom festival events in D.C. Since 2007, I have never missed the festival! But, I am looking forward to the summer, when we will have a few visitors and make some day trips to the beach!


3 thoughts on “Settling in!

  1. So excited for you! This is awesome. We love TJ’s too, so much so that last time we were visiting your new neck of the woods, we went grocery shopping before driving home, and were super excited to see that they have WINE in the grocery stores! Darn my prohibitionist state.

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