Everyday Paleo!

We are making great strides, so far.

We still have alot of non-paleo foods to get rid of in our house, but I’ve begun learning some paleo recipes for when we make the complete transition. So far, our breakfasts and dinners have been mainly paleo, with the occasional “eat it to get rid of it” non-paleo side dish.

I’ve been using the cookbook “Everyday Paleo” by Sarah Fragoso and I have to say, I absolutely love it! Originally, I was going to pick a different cookbook, but at the last minute my husband vetoed me and chose “Everyday Paleo,” and I’m so glad he did.


The book has an easy layout with an introduction to the paleo lifestyle, recipes that are categorized either by food group (seafood or poultry)and by meal (breakfast, snack, etc). Afterward, the book has fitness tips – complete with pictures – to help on the journey of staying in shape!

It’s a great book and I am really enjoying learning from it. I haven’t had the book for a full week yet, so I have only made three meals: chicken and mushrooms with basil cream sauce, ground beef hash, and chicken piccata.

They have ALL been delicious!

A book like this is definitely making our transition easier, which is important as I will likely want to adapt an anti-inflammatory diet in order to increase my chances of fertility!

Do you have any favorite paleo cookbooks?


5 thoughts on “Everyday Paleo!”

  1. My FAVORITE paleo cookbook is Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan. Everything in that book is DELICIOUS. The spices are amazing! Her mom is Italian and her dad is Lebanese, and he had a restaurant. It’s just awesome.

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