Monthly Archives: February 2015

A Post in Two Subjects.

It’s actually perfect timing that this cycle of PIO injections, ultrasound series’, and estradiol testing falls during the Lenten season. I hope that I can keep it all together as I try to honor God, come what may.


I never feel right when trying to envision childlessness for myself. I am meant to be a mother. Everything in my life has pointed toward it, from the different experiences I’ve had, to the things that interest me, to my line of work, right down to my personality. I am meant for motherhood. And I am closer to it than I have ever been.

Lent Begins!

This year, I am going to try to re-embrace the fast. I am hoping for three things this lent (1) not to fail, (2) to get a better understanding of why fasting is important, and (3) to discover how to more clearly hear what God is saying to me. Hopefully, I’ll learn something along the way!

Say WHAT!? // Part 2

There are 5 key things that fertile friends and family members can do to help infertiles as they walk through the difficulties that infertility brings. If you’re not struggling with infertility, make time to read this and find out how to help your friends and family members who are!

Say WHAT!? // Part 1

If you’ve been TTC for awhile, you’ve undoubtedly heard some pretty insensitive comments from others about your situation. Despite their good intentions, many commenters come off as completely ignorant and foolish! Today, I’m going to share a few of the craziest things my infertile friends have had said to them!

Haiku Sunday : Wings Unexhausted.

In doing this, we find more beauty and meaning in our lives – because we allow the one who gave us our lives to also direct it.