Leaving my job!


I can’t believe I actually did it.

There were so many times in the past where I thought about what I’d like to do if I ever left my job, but I didn’t ever seriously consider leaving. I pretty much figured that I’d stay until I finished school or moved away.

I loved my job, for the most part. I was a preschool teacher and really enjoyed working with my kids. I liked creating lesson plans, doing assessments, coming up with fun games and science projects to do, and in general keeping a smile on their faces. I also really liked my coworkers. They were all good-hearted people who really loved the children and families that we were serving.

And while I am going to miss everyone, I have to also be honest about the fact that I have so many goals and ambitions for my life. I’m still working my way through school, I’ve always wanted to do freelance work and open up my own business. I enjoy having the time to pursue my learning adventures (I teach myself languages, music, and religion). I love writing and aspire to become an author. And I’d love to find some place to volunteer. I have often felt overwhelmed by the conflict between my interests and my need to make a decent and steady income. I’ve always felt it unfair that we spend so much of our lives running the rat race, that we never get to really live life and invest in our talents and passions.

I am hoping that this bit of time off will be my chance to do something new. A chance to really design a plan for the type of life I want to live – and then implement it.

This pause comes at a time where I could not possibly be more motivated. As I turn 30 in just 2 months, I have been doing a lot of thinking about how I can plan wisely now for the type of future I want to have.

What do I want to have accomplished by 45 years of age? 50 years of age? And what can I do now to make those accomplishments happen? I’ve always been a forward thinker, but for the first time in my life I feel like I am finally sharpening my powers of execution. I’m not just going to plan, but implement.
At least then, if things don’t go quite the way I wanted, I won’t have to live with the regret of not having tried.

I’ll miss my job and all the kids and families I have worked with, but I am glad to be stepping into a new season of having more time to focus on achieving goals that have weighed heavily on me for quite some time.


3 thoughts on “Leaving my job!”

  1. “I have often felt overwhelmed by the conflict between my interests and my need to make a decent and steady income. ”

    Your are echoing my thoughts EXACTLY! I find myself trying to find ways to overlap my work/interests. By the time I get home, the hours seem to fly by and it’s back to work lol.

    Anyways, I know how much you loved/adored your kiddies =]. All the best as you move on to the next season.

    And on another note, if French and Spanish are still some of the languages in rotation, let me know! lol. Just this month I have been very intentional in making time for my language learning and it has been such a breath of fresh air.

    1. Hey Ama!!
      Yes Spanish and French are still in the rotation, although lately I’ve been focusing more on Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish and less on French and Dutch. But they’re all definitely still in the rotation!! Let’s commit to working together this time around, even if just through phone and email convo!

  2. Always move forward, Miss only who snd what’s worthy. When a job or a relationship…even a junky car robs you of your soul, break free. There’s so much life yet yet to live. Don’t let miserable jobs rob you of this, Based on “the salaries” they pay you, they’re very already thrives.

    Greetings from Texas

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