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Life in Haiku

I’m starting something new on my instagram page, where I will take a picture and write a Haiku to go with it each day. I’ve mentioned here before how much I love Haiku, and I really would like to get better at it.

I’ll choose some of my daily haikus to elaborate on here, with more information as to why I wrote it and what it means to me. Eventually, it would be nice to create a photography/haiku book and publish it. I don’t know how marketable that would be, but I am always coming up with haikus and I think it would be nice to have a place to store them.

Today I posted this picture and the accompanying haiku.

I have already /taken the road less traveled. /Nothing left to fear.

I have already / taken the road less traveled./ Nothing left to fear.

I wrote this haiku last year on my way to work. I have been in an odd place, spiritually, for quite a few years and although I often seek relief from this spiritual “condition,” I also have begun to realize what a blessing it has been. Through the spiritual  experiences of my life, I have been able to see and learn so much more about God and about humanity than I ever would have been able to otherwise. This isn’t to say that I have all the answers or have reached some kind of enlightenment, far from it. However, I have a peace about my spiritual state. A peace that eradicates the fear and anxiety that I should have, considering the spiritual turmoil I have been through.

What I love about haiku is it’s ability to be simple and yet simultaneously poignant. It’s really been on my heart to study haiku and learn about how I can become better at it. I want to make that a goal for 2015.


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