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I’d Like To Thank The Academy…

Yesterday afternoon, as I left work and boarded the bus that would take me to school, I happened to notice that I was tagged in a notification by someone I barely ever speak with. As I clicked on the notification, I tried to remember if I had ever tagged this person in the past, and perhaps she was just now responding? Or perhaps she tagged me by accident? There are other Elisabeths in this particular group, after all. Or, maybe I’d done (or said) something that the group we are members of had considered inappropriate?

Imagine my absolute surprise when I saw that I’d been tagged because she wanted to let me know that I’d been nominated for this month’s Adopt-a-Blogger  prayer campaign! Whaat!? Me? I didn’t even know anyone read my blog, for one thing. And although I’d seen the blogs of other acquaintances who’d been “adopted” in the past few months – their blogs were much richer than mine! They’d had more content. More depth. More visual aesthetic. More followers. On top of that, I feel like some of the women in this group know each other personally and may have even known one another for years! I’m the newbie of the group, so for them to include me in this makes me feel like I just won an academy award.

**Huge thank you to TCIE and all those involved in nominating ThisBlindMouse! I’m honored.**

This campaign is about praying each other through our fertility challenges. I have wanted to become a mother since before I wanted to get married! I was five, and then six, when my mother gave birth to my two awesome little sisters and I can remember being so interested in the progression of her pregnancies. I wanted to be a mother, and I used to pray (even at that age!) for a natural delivery instead of a c-section! There was once a time when I pretended to “have a natural delivery” by stuffing a minnie mouse doll into my underwear and “pushing” it out. I fell asleep that way, and when my mother woke me up and asked why I had a toy in my underwear, I told her it was because I was having a natural delivery. Yeah. I was that kid.

I’ve also worked with children my entire life. Aside from being the oldest sibling and 3rd oldest of 10+ cousins on both sides of my family, I have worked in summer camps, kids gyms, elementary schools, pre-schools, and even have an early childhood education major. I study children. I work with children. I love children. I’ve always wanted about ten of them, both adopted and biological.

However, God has seen fit for me to struggle with infertility for the past four years. I say four years because it was four years ago that God told me to stop using birth control, and we began not trying/not preventing. Although my husband did not want a child four years ago, I did. I kept hoping that I would get pregnant – why else would God tell me to quit the birth control? But no such pregnancy occured (unless you count the possible chemical I had in 2011). Two years ago, my husband told me he was ready to start trying for a pregnancy and we began aggressively trying to concieve.

I was recently diagnosed with unexplained infertility (last week, actually), and I was told that the next step is to see a Reproductive Endocrinologist. I’ve also been involved with something called NaPro, at the recommendation of a few fine ladies I know, and am currently trying to figure out how best to proceed with all of this. My head has been in a whirlwind, lately. A post about that is forthcoming.

Thank you again for all your prayers! And don’t hesitate to let me know if there are things that I can be in prayer for you about, as well!


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