L’shana Tov!


I love fresh beginnings. I may be one of the only people in the world that loves change as much as most people love for things to stay the same. So I am kind of delighted with the changes taking place,  both seasonally and personally. 

Fall is here! The crisp air, the crunch of fallen leaves under my shoes as I walk around town, the beauty of red, yellow, and golden trees standing tall together, lining the roads. Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks… As much as I love spring and summer, I am also a fan of fall. Something about it always fills me with a sense of impending newness.

Rosh Hashanah begins with the sunset tonight. I am not Jewish, but I enjoy the symbolism of Biblical Feast Days and tend to keep up with them throughout the year. Rosh Hashanah – the head of the year – is when it is believed that Earth was created. According to the Hebrew calendar, the year is 5775 and practicing Jews everywhere are wishing one another a sweet new year and hoping that their names will be sealed for a good year ahead. It is a time for reflection and repentance, for those who adhere to this holiday, and for beginning anew with the changes made.

On a more personal note, yesterday was the first day of my ‘lady cycle.’ Anyone trying to concieve or wanting to be pregnant knows how difficult cycle day 1 can be – but I was actually happy yesterday with the appearance of “Aunt Flo’.”

I started a new diagnostic/treatment program called NaPro, and it worked out perfectly that my first day on the program also happened to be the first day of my cycle.

I used to view the start of each new cycle as more of an end. And in a sense, it is. It’s the unwanted and disappointing end to the two week wait. An end of hope for the month. But the start of each new cycle is also a beginning. On the days when I can muster enough strength to hope again, it’s a chance that maybe this will be the last cycle I’ll experience before I have a child in my arms. It’s a chance that maybe this will be the cycle that changes my life, forever.

It may be a little superstitious, but I always feel anxiously hopeful when things align. The beginning of fall, the Biblical new year, the beginning of a new cycle, AND the beginning of a new treatment program – all within two days??

I don’t know what kinds of changes are in store for us, but we have alot of different things we have been working hard to accomplish. I can only hope and pray that God is getting ready to bring a fresh start into our lives this upcoming year.


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