Despite the various adjustments I am going through in my personal and professional life, I hope I have been able to provide engaging activities that help my students as they develop!


Our son is wild, and I love it. He is super strong and always pulling, banging, or (purposely) dropping things. He is a very determined boy, going after what he wants and it can be hard to distract him once he has his mind set on something. We have noticed that he has quite a […]


Chocobo’s eighth month has been pretty exciting. He started walking (using a walker) and he said his first word, which was “baby!” but he hasn’t said it since. He also got his first tooth! He started waving, blowing kisses, and clapping his hands, as well. The boy is literally all over the place and I’m […]


  I’m so bad at keeping up with updating each time that Gideon grows a month older. So you’ll have to forgive the spam of “updates,” as I have this 7 month update and an 8 month update to post! At 7 months, Gideon got to visit the beach for the very first time! He […]


If you were a student in your classroom, what would it be like? Incorporating developmentally appropriate practice into your teaching patterns is a great way to make sure that your students are learning all they can, while having fun being the beautifully wild and inquisitive children they are.


I took the first step, and went to the gym. It’s been quite a long time and I had no idea what I was doing. But, I went.


Last week I shared some of the potty-training tips that I have learned as a teacher, and this week I wanted to share just a few more things to help you as you potty train in your classroom!